Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Starts Picking Bizarre Letter Choices Just For One Reason

Pat Sajak, host of “Wheel of Fortune” was left rather bewildered when a recent contestant just seemed to suddenly lose the plot.


It was on a November 2015 episode of the popular gameshow when they hosted a Veterans Week in which the show hosted a series of heroic US veterans. One constant, Nura Fountano, had been doing particularly well and took the lead going into the final round. After competing very well up until that point, Nura just kept getting everything wrong. Not just a little wrong, very wrong.

The phrase, which became pretty obvious to anyone watching, was “Following Footprints” somehow eluded the contestant with her shouting out Z, a most unlikely choice and once even missing her turn by offering no answer at all. Sajak, the other contestants and the audience were left visibly confused by this. After having done so well there was no logical reason she would suddenly battle so much.

Just before they broke for the next commercial, Sajack went to have a word with Nura. “You called some unusual letters in that round,” Sajack said to her.” “That’s what I saw,” Nura replied. “Well, that was an unsatisfactory answer… but she’s not under oath.” It soon became clear to all that Nura was deliberately throwing the contest in order to let her fellow veteran have the upper hand and take home more money. Anyone watching could see she must know the answer and was giving the incorrect answers on purpose.

The clip of this chivalrous act of generosity soon went viral and delighted viewers around the world. Twitter went absolutely wild with tweets pouring in from people that witnessed the show: “Just saw the classiest move on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ Nura threw the final puzzle to let a fellow military person win it. Much respect.”said one Tweeter. “Way to go Nura! #wheeloffortune never saw someone throw a round so everyone could win some money. #share” came another Tweet. And so it went on.

Good on you Nura. Great to see some generosity and selflessness in this dog-eat-dog world we live in.