Why This 6-Year-Old Gave Up Her Birthday Party Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

Chicago kindergartner Armani Crews was turning 6 years old, but for her birthday Armani told her parents she didn’t want a normal birthday celebration.


Armani Crews asked her parents to allow her to help the homeless in the community. Armani insisted she wanted to feed the homeless instead. Her mother Artesha crews knew her daughter was interested in helping other, this was after seeing her older brother giving leftovers to a homeless man. Artesha told Armani that they could hand out sandwiches, but she insisted they be served the same as she would on her birthday.

Armani’s father told her if this was done, she wouldn’t get any birthday presents, Armani replied “That’s okay. As long as they can eat, I’m fine.” Her parents realised Armani was being serious about her request. The plan was posted on Facebook and via word of mouth, soon donations started to arrive. On learning of Armani’s birthday request, the family’s church congregation joined in by donating toiletries and food items towards the care packages.


Care packages were assembled at night including day to day items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand cleaners and other products. Food for the big day was prepared, chicken, fish, pizzas, corn, spaghetti dishes, bottled water and all kinds of fruit. When the day March 8th arrived, Armani dressed for the occasion and wearing a tiara and a big smile assisted the other volunteers in handing out the care packages and hot meals.

“It was a beautiful thing to see and a blessing,” her mother Artesha said. “One homeless man told us that he hadn’t had a hot meal in a long time.” “She was excited. She was happy. Everybody was being fed,” her mother Artesha said. At one point there were about 120 people lined up around the block to share in the event, because of the success they experienced, the family are planning to make it a family tradition and organise more food drives for the homeless in future.

“We take a lot for granted,” said Artesha Crews “There are plenty of places in Chicago that need help. If we help each other, we’ll be okay.”