Woman Pretending To Be Pregnant Had Nasty Surprise In Her Fake Belly

When police pulled over a bus for a routine inspection on the Merechal Rondon highway near Birigui in Brazil. What was a routine inspection turned into a rather unusual drug bust.

Sitting in the bus was a young very pregnant woman in jeans and hoodie, when the attending officer casually asked how the pregnancy was going and how far along she was, the young lady became quite aggressive. Not the best move on her part as this made the officer a little more interested than she needed. The police officer lifted up her jumper and found the pregnancy was actually a rather large lump taped to her body.

The police carefully cut away the tape and after removing the fake latex belly found three kilogrammes of cocaine.
On the streets of the United Kingdom that amount of cocaine has a value of anywhere between ninety to hundred and twenty thousand pounds. The woman was travelling with a male companion and at this stage it is not clear if they both face charges of smuggling.

This is not the first time women have been intercepted whilst trying to smuggle narcotics. About five years ago in Brazil, a female traveller became very nervous during routine questioning at the International Airport in the North Eastern City of Natal, and when the police did a further inspection of the woman found that she had more than two kilograms of cocaine strapped to her stomach.

A Canadian woman also tried her luck at smuggling drugs out of Colombia, taking the pregnant woman act to a new level, she actually had a fake stomach attached to her body making it look like she was actually pregnant, but, diligent police work foiled her attempt as well. It just goes to show the lengths drug traffickers will go to get their product out of the country, recently a pigeon was caught in a downtown business area with 200 ecstasy tablets strapped to its back in a specially crafted backpack.

Drug trafficking in the region comes with some severe penalties ranging between five and eight years if lucky. One has to wonder if the risk of being caught, arrested and convicted of these crimes is really worth it.