World’s Oldest Person, Emma Morano, Has Sadly Passed Away At 117

The last person officially born on the 1800s, Emma Morano, has passed away. She was the world’s oldest person and died at the grand old age of 117.


Born on 29 November 1899 in the Piedmont region of Italy, Emma Morano was, according to official records the last living person born in the 1800s. The secret of her longevity, according to Morano was a combination of genetics and her diet. The diet in question consisted of eggs, three per day, two of which were raw. Ms Morano had eight siblings, she was the eldest. She outlived all of them. She passed away in the northern city of Verbania.

Not only did she live through three centuries, she was also exposed to an highly abusive marriage and had to live though the death of her only son. That means she lived through two World Wars and over 90 Italian governments. Ms Morano gas a family history of longevity so, by her own admission, genetics was clearly a factor. She has a few sisters that reached 100 and her mother lived to a good 91.


But it was her rather odd diet to which she gives most of the credit. For over 90 years, she ate three eggs daily, 2 of which were raw. Soon after world War One, Ms Morano was diagnosed with anaemia and that is what started the 3 egg diet. This continued throughout most her life and only recently has she reduced it to 2 eggs and some biscuits every day. Carlo Bava had been her doctor for 17 years and told reported that she ate very little fruit and vegetables.

“When I met her, she ate three eggs per day, two raw in the morning and then an omelette at noon, and chicken at dinner.” The doctor explained. ‘I didn’t want to be dominated’ was Ms Moranos response. She also said that her 1938 decision to kick out her husband also contributed to her long life. This took place after her six month old baby boy died. The marriage, she said, had never been healthy. She says she had loved a boy who was sadly killed in the First World War and had no interest in marring anyone else.