You’ll Laugh When You See This Grown Man’s Driving Licence!

When 22 year old Charles Wade-Palmer recently sent a current photograph for his new driver’s licence he was shocked to find that the DVLA had used his old photograph instead.


The photograph on his new licence is Charles, but as an 11 year old. Charles had used a 2005 passport photograph when applying for a provisional licence when he was 16. Charles hadn’t realised the photograph of him aged 11 years old had been kept by the DVLA. Charles lost his licence and when ordering a new one online chose the option to use his passport photograph, but due to system errors, the DVLA keeps giving him the same photograph whenever he tries to change it.

“When I lost my licence in January I was looking forward to a new lease of life with a photo that actually looks like me so I couldn’t believe it when my old one was issued again.” Said Charles. The driver’s licence is used for buying alcohol in off licences and for getting into clubs, so you can imagine the responses Charles gets from cashiers and club bouncers.


“It has always been a bit of a joke for me and my mates whenever we go out or just to the supermarket to buy drinks because the reactions I get are priceless. I can’t count how many times I’ve explained how old I was to cashiers and bouncers and that’s after they’ve burst out laughing. It’s ridiculous – people are stunned when I show them what I’ve been using as ID for the last four, nearly five years.”

“Shop assistants will generally see the funny side of it but it’s fair to say bouncers less so as they will often demand a second form of ID which I’ve even used my library card for.” A Bar worker, Elouise Merryweather, 19 said: “I probably wouldn’t serve him because it simply doesn’t look like him. “It’s far too old and I couldn’t pass it off in the rush of things.

“I’ve turned a few similar IDs down but none quite like this especially as you can tell it’s genuine.” A Birmingham newsagent Emir Celik said “I’m confused because it doesn’t look like him. “He’s still got a baby face in the photo, if you study it closely you might be able to recognise facial features but no one has that much time behind a till. Looks like Charles is stuck with the ID until 2021.