Young Girl With Alopecia Attends School’s Crazy Hair Day Like A Boss!

When her school deceived to host a “Crazy Hair Day,” this did not stop young Gianessa Wride from participating, despite the fact that she suffers from advanced alopecia.


Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles resulting in, amongst other things, severe hair loss. Gianessa’s mother, Daniella Wride told reporters that she was “nervous” when her daughter told her about the school’s upcoming Spirit Week, part of which included an event known as “Crazy Hair Day.”

Daniella is a mother of three from Utah. She said, “I didn’t want her to feel left out so I knew we had to come up with something. I just didn’t know what.” According to mom Daniella, a nurse, Gianessa started to lose her hair around January. “I was combing through her hair after she had just taken a shower and so much was coming out into the brush,” she told reporters.

Along with her husband of eight years, Tyler, Daniella took her daughter to see a dermatologist. By this stage, the young lady has lost all her hair, including her eyebrows. The doctors put the diagnoses down to stress which resulted in alopecia. He mother said that she could understand this as Gianessa had recently witnessed her grandmother die unexpectedly and has also moved from Tennessee a short while back.


“Gian watched her collapse and she lost her hair eight weeks later,” Daniella said, referring to the grandmother. Daniella came across the idea for the school event after browsing in an arts and crafts store and noticing all the scrap-book materials. The mom thought it would be an idea to decorate her daughter’s head with adhesive jewels. She spent only $4 and the application took about 10 minutes.

At first she was nervous that her classmates wouldn’t like it , but “as soon as she looked in the mirror she said, ‘Mom this is awesome. I love it,'” Daniella said. She told reporters that the experience gave her a great confidence boost as soon as she got to school. “It was awesome,” she said, “because everyone liked it.” The photographs were posted to social media and soon went viral.

Brave young lady.