Young Girl’s Dreams Come True Thanks To Beauty And The Beast’s Belle

When it comes to Disney, anything is possible, if you don’t believe me just ask Daisy. From birth, this now seven-year-old girl from Houston was diagnosed with a form of Dwarfism called Achondroplasia.


Recently because of some heart-warming photos, she’s become the internet’s obsession. The picture that started it all? Daisy crying meeting Belle, her favourite princess from her favourite movie. E! News managed to speak to the lady who shared the pictures Aunt Patricia to learn Daisy’s backstory of her meeting the princess. Patricia tells us how Daisy’s been battling through multiple surgeries throughout the course of her life.

After all her struggle a nurse from the Dallas Children’s Health nominated her for a Make a Wish. At the end of last year, she was approved and she decided her wish was like most children, to go to Disney World. Her other option was to meet One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, but she chose Disney in order to share something with her siblings.


Her goal was to me Belle her favourite Disney Princess. Since Friday they began staying at Disney World, and on Sunday she dressed up in a yellow dress to meet her. From the photo’s you can tell just how much it meant to her. After Belle learned that she was the very reason why she came to Disney in the first place and she saw fit to make her dream comes true.

“Daisy was jumping up and down from excitement and was balling her eyes out when Belle told her she would take her on the tour,” Patricia told us. “Daisy was sobbing from happiness, and everyone around her was crying, too.”


She continued, “Disney characters never break character, but Belle almost started crying when she said goodbye to Daisy [at the end of the tour] because she was so touched. For a day, Daisy didn’t have to worry about surgeries or doctor’s appointments. She just got to be carefree and have fun. Disney World, Make A Wish, & Give Kids the World really made a difference in Daisy’s life. They are all amazing organisations and people’s donations really do make a difference.”