Zayn Malik Wheelchair Bound Because He’s Unable To Walk

British pop star Zayn Malik was recently spotted arriving at his girlfriend – Gigi Hadid’s – apartment in New York sporting a foot injury and in a wheelchair.


The 24-year-old singer was in good spirits whilst being wheeled into the apartment block by a friend while photographers snapped some pictures. The cause of his injury in still unknown but it clearly is painful considering he can’t walk. Rumours are obviously circulating wondering if he dropped something on it, an ingrown toenail or something else.

Zayn’s rep told ‘Zayn has injured his foot but is doing well and will be okay.’ The injury, of course, didn’t stop the pop-star from seeing his lady love Gigi for the day. Nothing, not even an injured foot can keep him away from his love. As usual, fans are highly concerned for the singer’s well-being after his ‘accident’ and they all flocked to Instagram to show Zayn some love.

The couple recently also shared pictures from Gigi’s 22nd birthday with a stunning pink birthday cake presented to his supermodel girlfriend. Zayn even went as far as saying in a post that she (Gigi) is his everything. In other news Bella, Gigi’s sister is now in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Belle was involved in one of 2017 biggest failures in the Fyre Festival.

For those who don’t know the Fyre Festival was a promised luxury music festival with many headliners and a great time being promised. The only problem was that when guest arrived chaos ensued. The event was cancelled and not on musician was set to play.

The festival was co-created by Ja Rule who immediately took to social media to let the fans know it wasn’t his fault: ‘I truly apologise as this is NOT MY FAULT … but I’m taking responsibility I’m deeply sorry to everyone who was inconvenienced by this. ‘I’m heartbroken at this moment. My partners and I wanted this to be an amazing event, it was NOT A SCAM as everyone is reporting. I don’t know how everything went so left but I’m working to make it right by making sure everyone is refunded.’